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Cvir Portal Rules

This will inform all registration and participation candidates that registration in this test is conducted exclusively online and through the cvir portal (employment and selection of human resources) and ends on Monday, 2018/11/5, Therefore, it is necessary for all applicants to be considered within the deadline and after studying the general and specific criteria of the test for registration and announcement of readiness

1- Before registering, studying the rules and regulations of the system is mandatory

2- Registration without filing a classified file is not valid

3- Insert the information requested in the registration form accurately (the information after registration is not editable)

4- Inclusion of incorrect and conflicting information in the registration form causes the registration to be canceled and it is the responsibility of the applicant

5- Obtaining the file of the case (Tracking Code) from the portal and having the initial employment conditions will be the criterion for recalling the candidates

6- The registration credentials are from the date of submission of the application for 60 days. Therefore, the volunteers who have already registered in the portal will need to apply for further recall in the portal and obtain the application form

7- Considering that all the next steps of employment can be followed by the file class, then it is important to keep it in mind

8- The registration fee in the system is paid after the final registration of the information and through the Internet portal

Commitment to registration

I, with full knowledge of the terms and conditions of the test notification, will complete the information requested by the application form and confirm the accuracy of the information, and if the information is inconsistent with the facts, I will not be able to protest any decision made for this. Registration will not be refunded under any circumstances

After reviewing the general terms and conditions, click on the "accept conditions and registration" option

Please read the terms and conditions of the system thoroughly and accurately

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