The recruitment recall of Sperlus' thirty-seventh stage

Global Recruitment Call

National beginning of the thirty-seventh employment recall
Announcing the results of thirty sixth stage of employment
Call for Apprenticeship
Commencement of Canadian csen training courses

Deadline for registration and cooperation announcement

Cartel Trade and Development Center for Spellos Mining and Industries

Sperlus is a multinational corporation that founded in 1962 and provides basic engineering services, manufacturing, procurement and execution of large and multi-purpose projects of all sizes and at a global level to employers both inside and outside the country

The size and structure of the matrix and the enormous diversity of organizational units and headquarters and multi-spectrum projects of Sperlus have provided the unique conditions for the development of capabilities and human resource training, giving the opportunity to diversify the field of activities of this organization to human resources. It has challenged itself, which has led to a positive impact on the manufacturing industry and human society

 Now Sperlus’s family consists of thousands of committed men and women, with more than 4,000 of them elite, engineers, professionals and technicians in various disciplines.  sperlus Human Resources Development has grown by 10% every year over the past 10 years.

Recruitment, evaluation and development of human resources

Note that this system is not an employment center, and calls are only for the sake of human resources of the SPN organization and its companies and its subsidiaries

All stages of the registration process are announced and the resume is posted through this portal

Note that in the thirty-seventh stage of the recruitment recall, equivalent to 37% of the total recruitment capacity through the resumes and 63% of the recruitment capacity, through participation in the national examination, the final selection and acceptance process is required, which is required in the fourth step of the registration process Name to choose the type of choice you want

Dear volunteers: Note that the provinces covered by the company for employment in Iran at the thirty-seventh recruitment recall are the provinces of Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Ahvaz, Shiraz, Yazd, Tabriz and Bandar Abbas, which are required in the fourth step of registration In the system of the province or provinces you choose for employment and in order of priority

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